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Welcome to Dr. Cox Consulting

Hypnosis • Business Coaching

Would you like to feel calmer and more at ease? Would you like your relationships and life to flow more easily?

Hypnosis combined with Life Path Coaching Works Amazingly Well – What Do You Want to Accomplish? You Can!


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Amplify Your Success! I do life path coaching with you to get you to where you are meant to be in your life.

Call me at (858) 531-5310 to discuss how we can work together to transform your life.

Recent comments:

“The work was amazing.” “Powerful meditations.” “I highly reccomend her workshops and sessions…” “It’s phenomenal, I should have done it years ago.” “My clothes fit better -Ive lost weight-it’s amazing.” “I feel a great shift in how I relate to people -it’s helped grow my business.”