SynchronicitySynchronicity is a powerful concept, which is why I want to make sure you understand it 100%. A few weeks ago, I shared the science of synchronicity with you. Today I want to make it personal and show you that synchronicity can happen to anybody, anytime. 

My own story of synchronicity

Synchronicity happens to me a lot. My best memory is from a few years ago.  I had taken about 4 years off of work to raise my daughter.  My husband had been working at the same good and reliable job for years, but he was burnt out and needed a time out.  I racked my left-brain for a way for him to take an unpaid 4-month sabbatical from work and for us to be able to pay for living expenses while we went on the road.

I talked to a tax accountant about possibly taking an early high penalty withdrawal from my IRA.  He thought I was a nutty hippie. We figured we needed about $60K to pull off the sabbatical, get a small RV, and see the county during his sabbatical.  This is something we’d dreamt of doing before Delilah started school and I went back to running a business.

Then, I decided I’d try the meditation route instead of the left-brain route to get to the best solution.  I meditated and pictured having the $60K.

Through a series of coincidences or synchronicity, one week later, a check for $60,000 came to me in the mail – the exact amount we had needed in order to complete our dream.

Synchronicity for the greater good

I think if we all learn how to consciously activate synchronicity (and it is a learn-able skill), our lives will become easier and it will revitalize our communities. Imagine the impact it can have on our society then… it can even improve the economy!

I have many more stories about synchronicity that I’ll share in future blogs, as well as more tips on how to activate the state. I believe that synchronicity points to the fact that we are all connected – let’s connect in a spirit of sharing and cooperation, shall we?

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