meditationFor the next few posts, I’ll continue to guide you to helpful tools you can use to relax and recharge and get more creative at work and life. We continue with workplace meditation. Meditation is becoming so mainstream that ABC news even presented a summary of recent research on their webpage. They noted that in businesses and community centers around the country, meditation is increasingly being offered as a method of stress reduction to help reduce common problems in life.

How To Meditate

I know we’ve gone over it before, but let’s review how to meditate again. Most people think it’s complicated, but I promise it’s easier than it seems. There are essentially two steps:   STEP 1: Repeated focus on a word, sound, phrase, or object. You can simply choose to focus on your breath. STEP 2: Gently release everyday thoughts that cross your mind and continue focusing on the word, sound, phrase, or breath.   Now it’s your turn to try! Pick something you’d like to focus on. An example would be something you do regularly –say sweeping the driveway. While you sweep – focus on the sweeping motion. Just notice that for one minute. How did that go? The latest research supports what meditators have known for thousands of years, that these techniques can improve your health, your focus at work and daily tasks, and your relationships, leading to an increased awareness and appreciation in your life. I encourage you to use the tools presented here for your own growth too! If you’re interested in finding a tool that works for you, or if you’re interested in holding meditation training at your workplace, email me and set up your consultation today.

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