The other day I was discussing intuition with a friend and we started talking about a particularly interesting question – how do you know when it’s a gut hunch and not just fear talking? Said another way, if you’re feeling a sense of fear and you’re not sure if your intuition saying you should do it or not, how can you tell the difference?

A personal example

My friend and I mulled over this because I originally had a strong intuitive hunch I should start this online group to teach women about their intuition. However, that strong hunch got clouded with fear when I started learning about the technology (honestly, I have a small fear of new technology). So when I started doing the research about the technology and the chat rooms, I got overwhelmed with fear. My intuition didn’t change, but my original strong hunch got mixed-up with a feeling of fear.

Sometimes you have to talk yourself through it

An important part of trusting your intuition is to have a process to clear out the fear so that you don’t confuse the messages that you’re getting from your intuition.

So how did I differentiate between my intuition and my fear? First, I went back to the original message I received and questioned my original intuitive hunch. I took myself through a process to clean out my aura and clear out the fear that was clouding my judgment. That helped me get back to the point of clarity on what the best step was for me and for my higher purpose.

So simply put, those are the 3 steps:

  1. Clean out your aura
  2. Clear out the troubling emotion that’s clouding your judgment, and
  3. Getting back to your point of clarity on what’s the best step for you and your higher purpose.

In the near future, I’ll be giving you some resources on exactly how to do this step by step.

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