meditative statePeople ask me sometimes about meditative states. Or more accurately, what leads to meditative states. Well, this week’s post will answer that question for you! So read more to learn about meditative states and how they come about!

Meditative States Can Be Simple

  I have a very simple exercise I give my clients to help them easily access a meditative state. There are essentially two steps:

  • Repeated focus on a word, sound, phrase, or object. Or, you can simply choose to focus on your breath.
  • Gently release everyday thoughts that cross your mind and continue focusing on the word, sound, phrase, or breath.

After you’ve practiced that for a while, add a third step that might help you solve a problem… Ask your creative unconscious for a new solution. See/hear/feel what arises. Then keep practicing. This is some powerful stuff so for the next several weeks, I’m going to keep sharing how meditation helps you make optimal decisions and induces synchronicity in your business decisions!

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