Customized Work-Life Balance & Meditation Programs for Organizations

Click To View An ExampleBarbara works with your company to develop innovative programs designed specifically to meet your organization’s unique needs. Below is an example of a program she developed for a conference with 18,000 attendees.

Stress Busters That Work – Relax and Refresh

Learn tips and tools that your team can easily implement to reduce stress and feel calm even in the midst of chaos and recharge.

Work-Life Balance: Tricks that Work

An interactive session that includes informative coaching tools to achieve work-life balance derived from Barbara’s work with hundreds of coaching clients. The questions and activities presented will help your employees begin to weed out the mental clutter and start down the path of ease.

The View from the Top: Your Career Vision and Steps along the Way

This session will help individuals begin to envision and design an exciting long-term career path. They will enjoy the day-to-day work even more when they have a compelling vision to move towards.

Designing Your Most Confident Work Self

An interactive session that includes activities to activate the most confidant work ‘you’ possible. Barbara teaches tools to grow confidence so that employees are on the path to higher earning potential and work satisfaction. Click here, to schedule a consultation and find out how Barbara can help your organization move forward!